Medieval Jewish Cemetery

Old map of the city of Erfurt, where the Medieval Jewish Cemetery can be seen

At Moritztor, at today’s Große Ackerhofsgasse, there was the cemetery for Erfurt’s Jewish community in the Middle Ages. It lay outside the area inhabited by Jews, as prescribed by their faith. From when the cemetery existed cannot be ascertained exactly. But it is probable that burials were made here since the beginnings of the community. The oldest gravestones still preserved today are from the 13th century.

In 1453 the Erfurt Council forced the emigration of the Jews from the town. The cemetery was razed and in its place a municipal barn and later the large granary were erected. The gravestones were used as building material in the whole municipal area, where they are found today in buildings or in the pavement. A selection of these medieval stones is on display in the courtyard of the Old Synagogue.