Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is studded with a number of renowned scientists, both from Germany and abroad. They represent different fields of study which are all connected to the Jewish-medieval heritage of Erfurt, such as history of art, archaeology, Jewish studies, Hebrew literature, social and architectural history.

Its members advise the city of Erfurt both on the running of the museum and the application for inclusion in Unesco's World heritage List, currently under way.

Its members are:

  • Dr. Hans Caspary (former KMK delegate at Unesco)
  • Prof. Dr. Ole Harck (formerly University of Kiel, Medieval Archaeology)
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Heil (First Vice-Rector, University of Jewish Studies, Heidelberg)
  • Dr. Martha Keil (Director, Institute for Jewish History in Austria)
  • Prof. Salomon Korn (Central Council of Jews in Germany)
  • Cilly Kugelmann (Jewish Museum Berlin)
  • Dr. Simon Paulus (University of Stuttgart, Institute for History of Architecture)
  • Bernhard Purin (Jüdisches Museum München)
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmolinsky (University of Erfurt, Medieval History)
  • Dr. Hermann Simon (Foundation New Synagogue Berlin - Centrum Judaicum)
  • Dr. Werner Transier (Historical Museum of the Palatinate, Speyer)
  • Prof. Dr. Annette Weber (University of Jewish Studies, Jewish Art, Heidelberg)