Offers for groups

Guided tours of the Old Synagogue

In cooperation with the Tourismus- und Marketing GmbH we offer guided tours for groups of up to 25 persons. A guided tour lasts 90 minutes and costs 65.00 EUR plus admission. You can also book an overview tour (duration: 60 minutes, costs: 45.00 EUR per group plus admission) or a package offer (Old Synagogue and mikveh, duration: 120 minutes, costs: 85.00 EUR per group plus admission). A tour of the medieval mikveh is also bookable (duration: 45 minutes, costs: 45.00 EUR per group, free admission).
Guided tours in English, Russian, French or Italian can be booked for an additional fee of 20.00 EUR.

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Guided tours of the Medieval Mikveh

Package "Old Synagogue and Mikveh"

The tour takes you through the permanent exhibition of the Old Synagogue first. Then you visit the medieval mikveh in Kreuzgasse. This combined tour lasts approx. 120 minutes and costs 105.00 EUR per group plus admission to the Old Synagogue.

Tour "Medieval Mikveh of Erfurt"

The tour of the medieval mikveh of Erfurt explains its building history, the background of archaeological investigations as well as the ritual function of a mikveh. The tour last approx. 45 minutes and costs 65.00 EUR per group.

The medieval mikveh is also visited as part of the city walking tour “On the traces of Jewish history”.