Cultural centre

The Jewish Community of Thuringia has, next to its synagogue, a cultural and education centre at No. 21 Juri-Gagarin-Ring. Informal meetings and celebrations take place here as well as cultural evenings, training events and official meetings.

Via Schalom, the Jewish Cultural Initiative in Thuringia

Via Schalom, the Jewish Cultural Initiative in Thuringia, was founded in the year 2000. Via Schalom means “way of peace”. The way shall lead to a better understanding between Jews and non-Jews via a number of cultural events (Jewish Café) and a radio programme (Radio Schalom).

Jewish life in Germany is increasingly characterised by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. For the Jewish culture this means new chances, new influences, new impulses. At the same time it is a great challenge to integrate the new citizens. Via Schalom strives to help this process along in Thuringia and to facilitate intercultural dialogue. The Misrach-Quartett supports Via Schalom with its musical and dance performances.

Radio Schalom

Radio Schalom at Radio Funkwerk, FM 96,2 MHz (Erfurt) and 106,6 MHz (Weimar), 107,90 MHz (cable) and worldwide as livestream on
Every first Tuesday of the month from 6 pm to 7 pm.

In collaboration with Radio Funkwerk, Radio Schalom sends reports on Jewish life in Germany, discussions on tradition and religion, Jews in Israel and the diaspora as well as music from Israel and other parts of the world.

Jewish Café

The Jewish Community of Thuringia welcomes you once a month to concerts, readings and lectures. You can participate in art workshops and dances, and by talking to community members you can learn a lot about Jewish culture.


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