Erfurter GeDenken

Logo Erfurter GeDenken 1933 - 1945

DenkNadeln (“Remembrance Needles”) commemorate Erfurt citizens who were persecuted, deported and murdered by the National Socialists because they were Jewish. A citizens’ initiative, the working group “Erfurter GeDenken 1933 - 1945”, was responsible for this decentralised commemoration of the Shoa.

The nine DenkNadeln, which stand in public places in the city, are there to expose Erfurt’s history during National Socialism and to motivate readers to engage with the biographies of these Erfurt citizens.

A central commemoration for the murdered Erfurt Jews is a memorial book, which was presented on 9 November 2013 in a joint event of the city council of the federal capital Erfurt, the Jewish Community of Thuringia and the working group “Erfurter GeDenken 1933 - 1945”. The book is entitled “Ausgelöschtes Leben. Juden in Erfurt 1933-1945" (“Annihilated life. Jews in Erfurt 1933 - 1945”).