Network "Jewish Life Erfurt"

The network "Jewish Life Erfurt" offers access to places of Jewish history and present in Erfurt and, with the Old Synagogue Museum, the Small Synagogue Centre of Encounter, the Medieval Mikveh, but also with the New Synagogue as centre of a lively community life, offers ideal opportunities to get to know 1,000 years of German-Jewish history and present. In addition, the Jewish cemeteries are part of the network. Archaeological finds and scientific research have added further elements to the network, such as the exhibition depot of medieval Jewish tombstones.

The main idea is to tell history at its historical site: the history of the medieval community is the topic in the Old Synagogue, Jewish life in the 19th and 20th  centuries is told in the Small Synagogue and the present can be experienced in the New Synagogue. The aim is always to make city history comprehensible with a focus on the Jewish inhabitants and their interaction with the Christian environment. Close cooperation exists with the Jewish Community of Thuringia and the Topf und Söhne Place of Remembrance.