Guided tours of the Old Synagogue

Guided tours

In cooperation with the company Erfurt Tourismus- und Marketing GmbH we offer guided tours for groups of up to 25 persons. A guided tour lasts 90 minutes and costs 70.00 EUR plus admission.

You can also book an overview tour (duration: 60 minutes, costs: 50.00 EUR per group plus admission) or a package offer (Old Synagogue and mikveh, duration: 120 minutes, costs: 90.00 EUR per group plus admission).

A tour of the medieval mikveh is also bookable (duration: 45 minutes, costs: 50.00 EUR per group, free admission).

Guided tours in English, Russian, French or Italian can be booked for an additional fee of 20.00 EUR.


Waagegasse 8
99084 Erfurt

Waagegasse 8, 99084 Erfurt