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Publication: Purifying the soul ... The Medieval Mikveh in Erfurt

Book: 18.11.2015 09:50

An important medieval Jewish community such as Erfurt's had in addition to a synagogue also a centrally located mikveh. The immersion bath used for ritual purification and thus allowed men and women to participate in religious life as well as have sexual contact.

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Video: Construction of the medieval mikveh

Animation: 22.04.2014 15:16

The ritual bath is, in addition to synagogue and cemetery, an important part of the Jewish community. Documentary evidence on the medieval mikveh of Erfurt goes back to the middle of the 13th century.


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Video: The building history of the Old Synagogue

Animation: 22.04.2014 14:06

The oldest wall sections of the Old Synagogue date from the late 11th century. The animation shows the development of the building until the 20th century.