Publication: Purifying the soul ... The Medieval Mikveh in Erfurt

18.11.2015 09:50

An important medieval Jewish community such as Erfurt's had in addition to a synagogue also a centrally located mikveh. The immersion bath used for ritual purification and thus allowed men and women to participate in religious life as well as have sexual contact.

Purifying the Soul ... The Medieval Mikveh in Erfurt
Picture: Publication: Purifying the soul ... The Medieval Mikveh in Erfurt Picture: © Sutton Verlag

There are references dating back to the 13th century, but the discovery of the mikveh in 2006 was a fortuitous and exciting moment for the city of Erfurt.

The Jewish Studies expert Diana Matut gives a knowledgeable and clear account of how and for what a mikveh was used and explains the special feature of the Erfurt ritual bath. A discourse on the history of the Erfurt mikveh completes the richly illustrated volume.

Purifying the soul … the Medieval Mikveh in Erfurt
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Erfurt 2015
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