Complementary Testimonies

In addition to the buildings, there are singular authentic objects with an exceptional validity on Jewish culture in Central Europe, globally unique in their sheer plenty.

Picture: The Erfurt Treasure Picture: © B. Stefan, TLDA

The Hebrew Manuscripts from the Erfurt Jewish Community, the Erfurt Jewish Oath (dating back to the end of the 12th century, it is the oldest preserved Jewish Oath in the German tongue), a Bronze Lamp, originating around the year 1160 (the oldest known example of its kind) as well as around 75 preserved tombstones from the 13th to 15th century from the former Jewish cemetery.

What is more, the "Erfurt Treasure", with a weight of nearly 30kg the largest and one of the most important hoards of medieval Jewish property from the 14th century, offers priceless understanding on status, everyday life and trading relations of wealthy Jews as citizens of central European towns and cities.

Thus, the Jewish-medieval heritage of Erfurt as a whole stands out as an exceptional showcase example of metropolitan and community culture in medieval Ashkenaz.